Weimar Economic Development Corporation ("4B")

The Mayor shall appoint, and the City Council shall approve an Economic Development Commission which shall consist of eight (8) members, each member being a resident of the City of Weimar or living in the Weimar Community in that area generally referred to as the Weimar "Trade Area." The Economic Development Commission shall promote the economic development of the City of Weimar and the surrounding area generally referred to as the "Weimar Trade Area."

                                       MISSION STATEMENT

The City of Weimar is committed to improving the local and regional economy by creating wealth through new jobs, business retention, and expansion, increasing the tax base, and recruiting new business.


Weimar Economic Development Corp.

                                            106 East Main Street

                                                    PO Box  67

                                        Weimar, TX  78962-0067
                                                (979) 725-8554

                                            Board of Directors 

                    President:       Milton Koller                    Vice President:  Amy Brandt

                    Secretary:      Jon Wunderlich                  Treasurer:          David Mason

                    Director:        Charles Bittner                   Director:           Mike Barrow  

                    Dirctor:          Scott Sternadel                   Director:           Sheemarie Besch

                                        Additional Information


                City of Weimar:                    www.weimartexas.org

                Chamber of Commerce:        www.weimartx.org

                Weimar Mercury:                  www.weimarmercury.com

                Colorado County Central Appraisal District:  www.coloradocad.org



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